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   Bouget Denis   

Domaines d'expertise : Systèmes de protection sociale, exclusion sociale, soins de longue durée 

   Biographie succincte

Denis Bouget, Senior Scientific Advisor at the OSE and Associate Researcher at the European Trade Union Institute (Brussels) has a PhD in Economics at the University of Rennes, on poverty and local assistance in France. Between 1981 and 2010 he has been (assistant) Professor at the University of Nantes (France), where he is now Emeritus. His main research topics are the long term care for frail elderly (80s), social exclusion and minimum income (90s) and international comparison of social protection systems. He has been a Member of the Observatory on the national policies to combat social exclusion, (1990-1994), is co-editor of the Work and Welfare in Europe Series at Palgrave Macmillan. He was the Director of the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (MSH) at the University of Nantes (1999-2005), Coordinator of a COST Action on reforms of social protection in a period of globalisation and Europeanisation (1999-2004) and was the General coordinator of a Network of Excellence on Reconciling Work and Welfare in Europe (RECWOWE) between 2006 and 2011.

   Quelques publications
Bilan social de l'Union européenne 2017
Dix-huitième rapport annuel
Bart Vanhercke, Sebastiano Sabato et Denis Bouget (Ed.)
ETUI, OSE, Bruxelles, 2017, 219p.
Towards new work-life balance policies for those caring for dependent relatives?
Bouget D. ; Saraceno C. and Spasova S. (2017) 
in Vanhercke B. ; Sebastiano S and Bouget D. (eds.), Social Policy in the European Union: State of Play 2017, Brussels: European Trade Union Institute and European Social Observatory, pp. 155-179.
Access to social protection for people working on non-standard contracts and as self-employed in Europe. A study of national policies 
Spasova S. ; Bouget D. ; Ghailani D. and Vanhercke B. (2017)
European Social Policy Network (ESPN), Brussels: European Commission, 100p.
Sick pay and sickness benefit schemes in the European Union
Spasova S. ; Bouget D. and Vanhercke B. (2016) 
Background report for the Social Protection Committee’s In-depth Review on sickness benefits (17 October 2016)
European Social Policy Network (ESPN), Brussels, European Commission. 42 p.
Une recommandation du Conseil pour lutter contre le chômage de longue durée en Europe ?
Bouget D. et Vanhercke B. (2016)
in Vanhercke B. ; Natali D. and Bouget D. (eds.), Bilan social de l’Union européenne 2016, Bruxelles: European Trade Union Institute and European Social Observatory, pp. 97-136.
Social Policy in the European Union: State of Play 2016
Vanhercke B. ; Natali D. et Bouget D. (eds.) (2016)
Brussels, European Trade Union Institute and European Social Observatory, 241 p.
Work-life balance measures for persons of working age with dependent relatives in Europe. A study of national policies
Bouget D. ; Spasova S. et Vanhercke B. (2016)
European Social Protection Network (ESPN), Brussels: European Commission. 
Integrated support for the long-term unemployed in Europe: a study of national policies
Bouget D. ; Frazer H. ; Marlier E. ; Peña-Casas R. et Vanhercke B. (2015)
European Social Policy Network (ESPN), Brussels: European Commission, 52 p.
Insufficient social security? About ‘sufficient resources’ 
Bouget D. (2014)
In van Oorschot W. ; Peeters H. et Boos K. (dir.) Invisible Social Security Revisited, Essays in Honour of Jos Berghman, Leuven, Lannoo Publishers, pp. 177-190.
Towards a European minimum income? Discussions, issues and prospects
Peña-Casas R. et Bouget D. (2014)
In Natali D. (dir.) Social developments in the European Union 2013, Bruxelles, ETUI et OSE, pp. 131-159. 
Trends of social welfare systems: From convergence to attractiveness, an exploratory approach
Bouget D. (2009)
RECWOWE Working Papers, n° 13/09, pp.44.
Convergence in social welfare systems: From evidence to explanations
Bouget D. (2006)
The European Journal of Social Quality, 6 (1), pp. 109-127.
Approche internatioanle de la protection sociale: un cycle de publication
Bouget D. (2006)
Revue Française des Affaires Sociales, 60(4), octobre-décembre., pp. 93-120; 
Article republié dans : Revue Belge de Sécurité Sociale, 50(1), 1st Trim., pp.7-38.
Convergence in social welfare systems: What does it mean?
Bouget D. (2003)
Social Policy Review, 15, pp.91-111.
Convergence in the social welfare systems in Europe: From goal to reality
Bouget D. (2003)
Social Policy & Administration, 37 (6), décembre, pp. 674-693; 
Republié comme un livre : Taylor- Gooby P. (dir.), Making a European Welfare State? Convergences and Conflicts Over European Social Policy, Oxford, Blackwell, pp.131-150.
Interdisciplinary research and organisation: Towards a model?
Bouget D. (2002)
In The Design and Delivery of Inter-and Pluri-Disciplinary Research, The Danish Institute for Studies in Research and Research Policy, n° 7, pp.84-88.
Movements by the unemployed in France and social protection : The ‘Fonds d’Urgence Sociale’ experience
Bouget D. (2002)
In Goul Andersen J. et Jensen P. (
dir.) Changing Labour Markets Welfare Policies and Citizenship, Bristol, The Policy Press, pp. 127-148.
Citizenship, social welfare system and social policies in France
Bouget D. et Brovelli G. (2002)
European Societies, 4 (2), juin, pp.161-184.
National and supranational government-NGO relations: Anti-discrimination policy formation in the European Union
Bouget D. et Prouteau L. (2002)
Public and Administration and Development, 22 (1), février, pp.31-37.
The empirical and policy relevance of social quality
Bouget D. (2001)
In Beck W. ; van der Maesen L. ; Thomése F. et Walker A. (dir.) Social Quality: A Vision for Europe, The Hague, Kluwer Law International, pp.105-124.
Mouvements des chômeurs, institutions sociales et pouvoirs publics : l'épisode du Fonds d'urgence sociale (1998) dans les départements
Bouget D. (2001)
Revue Française des Affaires Sociales n°1, janvier-mars, pp.37-56. 
Le prix de la dépendance
Bouget D. ; Tartarin R. ; Frosard M. et Tripeir P. (1990)
La Documentation Française, Paris.

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