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   Stamati Furio   Research Associate

Pension Reforms, Health Care
   Short Biography

Furio Stamati, M.Res of the European University Institute (EUI), is Ph.D Researcher at the EUI (Florence) and Junior Researcher at the European Social Observatory (OSE). His work mostly deals with the politics and political economy of pension reforms - in Europe as well as in the US - and the social distribution of retirement risks. He occasionally works on education and healthcare reforms as well. 

His articles appeared on "European Papers on the New Welfare" and "European Journal of Social Security". While working extensively on the politics and policy outcomes of Italian pension reforms, he is also a reviewer for "Regional & Federal Studies". 

Furio has recently collaborated with Bocconi University (Milan), EUDO (EUI, Florence), OSE (Brussels), NASI (Washington DC), KIHASA (Seul), CABISE (Oviedo), Associazione Bruno Trentin-Isf-Ires (Rome), FAFO foundation (Oslo), and NOVA (Oslo). His interests reach out to include political economy and the sociology of risk broadly defined, as well as the relationship between welfare and democracy.

Varieties of healthcare reform: understanding EU leverage
Stamati F. and
Baeten R. (2015) 
In Natali D. and Vanhercke B. (Eds.), Social Policy in the European Union: State of Play 2015, ETUI, OSE, Brussels, pp. 183-214.
Healthcare reforms and the crisis
Stamati F. and Baeten R. (2015)
ETUI Report 134, Brussels, 2015, 96p.
Healthcare reforms and the crisis
Stamati F. and Baeten R. (2014)
ETUI Policy Briefs, 10/2014, Brussels, 7p.
Reforming pensions in Europe: a comparative country analysis 
Natali D. and Stamati F. (2013), ETUI Working Paper 2013.08, 68p.
Le Pensioni ‘Categoriali’ in Italia: legislazione e messa in opera del nuovo sistema multi-pilastro
with Natali D. in Pavolini E. ; Ascoli, U. and Mirabile ML. (eds), (2013) Tempi Moderni. Il Welfare nelle aziende in Italia
The Political Sustainability of the NDC Pension Model. The Cases of Sweden and Italy
with Mi Ah Schoyen, European Journal of Social Security, 15(1) (2013)
in Trechsel A. and Chabanet D. (2011), EU Member States Consultations with Civil Society on European Policy Matters, produced by EUDO and commissioned by the EESC
with Bressanelli E. ; Calderaro A. ; Piccio D.
in Gagatek, W. (ed.), The 2009 Elections to the European Parliament. Country Reports (2010) Florence: EUI
Italy and Denmark from Early Retirement to Active Ageing. Problems and Solutions for Structural Unemployment and Pension Funding
‘European Papers on the New Welfare’, n.13, October 2009

   Academic experience
Research Assistant: ‘EU social policies-monitoring and analysis: Pensions’, OSE-ETUI (Mar- Sept 2013)
Country Expert (Italy): ‘Occupational pension schemes for local government workers (municipal sector) in selected EU countries’, with Fafo Institute for Labour and Social Research, Oslo (April 2013)
Research Assistant: ‘The age distribution of social welfare and taxation’, with S. Steinmo, EUI (Feb – Apr 2011)
Proof-reader, assistant editor: Hinrichs, K, & Jessoula, M (eds) 2011, ‘Labour Market Flexibility and Pension Reforms’, Palgrave Macmillan (Jan – Mar 2011)
Country Expert (Italy): Data on compulsory education, with L. Guiso, EUI (Nov. 2010)
Country Expert (Italy): EU Member States’ consultations with civil society on European policy matters, RSCAS & EU Social and Economic Committee (Feb – April 2010)
Country Expert (Italy): Eu–Profiler (winner of the World e–Democracy Forum Award 2009), with A. Trechsel, EUI (Oct 2008–Jun 2009)
Translator and proof-reader: European Election Study 2009, with M.Franklin,EUI (May 2009)
Proof–reader and reviewer: Ph.D. thesis, with E.Gualmini, University of Bologna (Dec 2007 – Jan 2008)

Guest Lecturer in Political Economy at Accademia Europea di Firenze (August 2013)
Lecturer for a guest class of Danish high school students at EUI (Mar 2013)
Guest lecturer at public lectures organized by Uniti contro la crisi, Filo Rosso and Corrente Alternata, Florence (2010-2011)
Guest lecturer at the James Madison University, Florence (Nov 2010)
Co-teaching with M. Franklin at EUI: Advanced Quantitative Methods (on ‘Categorical data analysis’); Electoral behaviour (on ‘Party competition and voter-party linkages’, with L. De Sio) (2009-2013)

International Researcher at Georgetown University, Washington DC (Aug 2011 – Feb 2012)
Junior Visiting Scholar at NASI, Washington DC (Aug 2011 – Feb 2012)
Guest Researcher at the BGSSS, Humboldt University, Berlin (Jun–Oct 2010)

   Academic services
Country Expert (Italy) in M.Laver and K.Benoit - Expert survey, Elections 2013 (Feb 2013)
Reviewer: Regional and Federal Studies (Jan 2013 →)
Convenor: Welfare State/CPE working group, EUI (Sep. 2009 - Aug. 2011)

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