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   Spasova Slavina    Researcher 

Specialist fields : Social Protection, Social dialogue, Trade Unions, Pension reforms


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Slavina Spasova is a researcher in the area of social protection at the OSE.
She holds a PhD in Political Science (September 2015) and is a Research Associate at the Centre d’étude de la vie politique (
CEVIPOL (http://cevipol.ulb.ac.be) Université Libre de Bruxelles).
Her work has explored the transformation process of the Bulgarian trade unions since 1989, and their involvement in building social institutions through the mechanisms of international socialisation and ‘usages of Europe’. Her research agenda focuses on various social protection and employment related subjects, including systemic pension reforms in Central and Eastern European countries, labour market reforms, work-life balance and social dialogue. Additionally, Slavina has been involved in projects carried out for the Norwegian government and the International Labor Organisation, and has followed Belgian social developments for the social monitoring website « Planet Labor » (www.planetlabor.com) since August 2015. 

Challenges in long-term care in Europe
Spasova S., Baeten R. and Vanhercke B. (2018)
Eurohealth Vol.24 No.4 2018, Brussels: European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, pp. 7-12.
The social situation of the self-employed in Europe: labour market issues and social protection
Nineteenth annual report
Slavina Spasova and Mathijn Wilkens (eds.),
Social policy in the European Union: state of play 2018, ETUI, OSE, Brussels: 2018, pp. 97-116.
The ‘generosity’ of pensions for workers in hard jobs: in need of a nuanced debate
Spasova, S. and Vanhercke, B. (2018)
ETUI Policy Brief N° 12/2018, Brussels: European Trade Union Institute, 7 p.
Inequalities in access to healthcare. A study of national policies
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European Social Policy Network (ESPN), Brussels: European Commissin
Challenges in long-term care in Europe. A study of national policies 2018
Spasova S., Baeten R., Coster S., Ghailani D., Peña-Casas R. and Vanhercke B. (2018)
The ESPN is managed by the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER) and APPLICA, together with the European Social Observatory (OSE).

Implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights: what is needed to guarantee a positive social impact
Sebastiano S., Ghailani, D., Peña-Casas, R., Spasova, S., Corti, F. and Vanhercke, B. (2018)
Brussels: European Economic and Social Committee, 45 p.
Towards new work-life balance policies for those caring for dependent relatives?
Bouget D. ; Saraceno C. and Spasova S. (2017) 
in Vanhercke B. ; Sebastiano S and Bouget D. (eds.), Social Policy in the European Union: State of Play 2017, Brussels: European Trade Union Institute and European Social Observatory, pp. 155-179.
Access to social protection for people working on non-standard contracts and as self-employed in Europe. A study of national policies 
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Listened to, but not heard ? Social partners' multilevel involvement in the European Semester
Sabato S. and Vanhercke B. with Spasova S. (2017)
OSE Paper Series, Research Paper No.35, March 2017, 46p. 
Labour and Social Transformation in Central and Eastern Europe. Europeanization and beyond
Spasova S. and Vanhercke B. (2016)
Review of the edited volume, by Delteil V. and Kirov N. (Eds.), Employment and economy in Central and Eastern Europe, Special Issue No. 1/2016, 5p.
Sick pay and sickness benefit schemes in the European Union
Spasova S. ; Bouget D. and Vanhercke B. (2016) 
Background report for the Social Protection Committee’s In-depth Review on sickness benefits (17 October 2016), 
European Social Policy Network (ESPN), Brussels, European Commission. 42 p.
Retirement regimes for workers in arduous or hazardous jobs. A study of national policies
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Work-life balance measures for persons of working age with dependent relatives in Europe. A study of national policies
Bouget D. ; Spasova S. and Vanhercke B. (2016)
European Social Protection Network (ESPN), Brussels: European Commission. 
Bulgarie : La conciliation vie familiale-vie professionnelle à l’épreuve de la transition politique, économique et sociale et de la crise
Kovacheva S. and Spasova S.
Chronique internationale de l’IRES, n° 152, pp. 86-103.
Les réformes des retraites dans les Pays d’Europe centrale et orientale: entre influences internationales et déterminants nationaux
Spasova S.
La Revue de l'IRES, n° 77 (2), pp.129-163.
Building Social Dialogue Institutions in Bulgaria: Between EU Conditionality and Domestic Social Actors
Spasova S. and Tomini L.
Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe, 21(1), pp. 3-24.

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