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   Antonucci Lorenza    Research Associate

Specialist fields : Welfare state reforms, inequality, young adults, higher education, European Semester



   Short Biography

Lorenza Antonucci (PhD Bristol, MSc Research LSE, MSc/BSc Bocconi) is Lecturer/Birmingham Fellow (Assistant Professor) in Social Policy at the University of Birmingham (web).

Lorenza’s research explores the changes in the distribution of welfare sources across European welfare states and their impacts on inequality. She sits in the editorial Board of the academic magazine Discover Society (
web) and contributes for Slate (web).

Lorenza has focused on ‘young adults’ as a social group particularly affected by welfare reforms, increasing ‘familism’, precarity, unemployment and underemployment. Her work ‘Student Lives in Crisis’, conducted with the first “Policy and Politics” award (Policy Press), examines the implications of the privatization of HE costs on young people.

Lorenza is also investigating the 'new politics of inequality' in Europe, namely how inequality is being limited or reinforced in national and European policy-making during austerity. She has been awarded with the Visiting Fellowship of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) to conduct a research on the European Semester in Brussels.

   Main publications
Student Lives in Crisis. Deepening inequality in times of austerity
Antonucci L. (2016)
Bristol: Policy Press.
Youth Transitions, Welfare Policy and Contemporary Europe
Roberts S. and Antonucci L. (2016) 
in Lange, A, Reiter, H, Schutter, A, Steiner, C (eds.),
Handbuch Kindheits- und Jugendsoziologie (Handbook of Childhood and Youth Sociology) Frankfurt: Springer Verlag.
Basic Income and Social Policy in Europe
Antonucci L. (2016) 
Brussels: Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS).
Towards EU youth policies? The limits of current welfare states and the potential for a “Youth Transition Fund” (YTF)
Antonucci L. (2015)
Solidar Social Progress Lab Paper, Brussels: Solidar.
Hard Times for Youth?
Shildrick T., MacDonald R. & Antonucci L. (2015)
Discover Society, Young People and Social Policy Issue, 20, May 2015.
Labour takes baton from Piketty as it ramps up for election year
Antonucci L. (2014)
The Conversation.
Young People and Social Policy in Europe: Dealing with Risk, Inequality and Precarity in Times of Crisis
Antonucci L., Hamilton M. and Roberts S. (eds.) (2014)
Work and Welfare in Europe, Basingstoke: Palgrave.
The future of the social dimension in European higher education: university for all, but without student support?
Antonucci L. (2013)
in ‘Perspectives on Youth: European Youth Partnership Series’, Brussels: European Commission/Council of Europe, First issue.
Comparative research in higher education studies. Considering the different levels of comparisons and emerging methodological challenges
Antonucci L. (2013)
in Huisman, J. and Tight, M., Theory and Methods in Higher Education Research, London: Emerald.
University Students in Transition to Adult Age. Comparing Italy and England
Antonucci L. (2011) 
Italian Journal of Social Policy, Special Issue ‘The Dispossessed’, Vol.15 (3), 271-289

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E-MAIL: l.antonucci@tees.ac.uk
@SocialLore (Twitter)

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